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Master Workshops 2023/24

Collaborating with local artists, YADF organised free painting classes for the underprivileged students. The workshop will be delivered in face-to-face mode and will start in July 2023. We are now accepting registration, if you are interested, please reach out to your school VA teacher or contact us: info@yadf.hk


HK Territory-wide Youths Online Painting Competition 2023 concluded successfully

Featuring the theme of “Looking for Hong Kong’s Footprint”, the competition has attracted over 3,000 participants aged 6-18 years, depicting the scenery of old Hong Kong and showcasing their creativity. Congratulations to the 100 talented young artists! Their awarded paintings have been posted on Instagram, follow us to check out the virtual exhibition.

•Awarding ceremony highlight: youtu.be/6F9WKYZ4mu8

•Ceremony photos: jcyoungartists.hk/ceremony/


Master Workshops 2022/23 Virtual Gallery

To nurture youths with artistic talent and recognise their effort, we have created a virtual art gallery featuring outstanding paintings selected from Master Workshops, on-site painting activities as well as Inclusive Art Workshops. Please visit: https://jcyoungartists.hk/masterclass/


YADF website new look

YADF has launched a newly designed web page (www.yadf.hk) to include more information on "Arts and Culture ", not only to provide faster update of YADF events, highlights of activities over the years, the eNews of each issue, etc., the homepage can also preview the contents of each page, at a glance.

The new page "YADF Champs" is also added to the website (www.yadf.hk/champs), which not only provide every champs personal introduction, but also YADF Champs winning paintings and other sketching that allows you to enjoy or even bring it home through the website. All the proceeds will be donated to the Young Artists Development Foundation to support the youth art development work.


Winners of HK Territory-wide Youths Painting Day 2019 is Out.

Congratulations to a total of 144 winners from 18 Districts, 56 from Junior Category and the 10 “Best Hong Kong Young Artist” among the 90 winners from Senior Category, Please join us at the Award Presentation Ceremony on 12 Oct,2019.


HK Territory-wide Youths Painting Day 2019 – Register Now!

A large-scale on-site painting activity to be held on 6 July, 2019 (Sat) in 18 districts in Hong Kong, encouraging local children and youths (aged 6-18) to get exposure to painting and capturing the dazzling scenery of Hong Kong.

Registration deadline: 3 July, 2019.

More details:


Jockey Club Young Artists Development Programme – Master Workshops

Since 2013, YADF organsied free master painting classes for youths (aged 6-18) from various schools. Students can choose one of the media among Chinese ink, acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, etc. The programme has started again in May 2019 with a brand new curriculum.


YADF Champs is officially launched

"YADF Champs" is officially launched in the early spring 2019 to include the Champions who won the "HK Territory-wide Youths Painting Day" in the past few years. "YADF Champs" aims to build a platform for outstanding young artists from Hong Kong, to nurture Hong Kong's young artistic power and to provide opportunities for young artists to develop their talents.