Shermaine Kwan

Education Background

BA Fine Art (Hons), University of Kent 現為自由身藝術家

Shermaine Kwan is an artist from Hong Kong who received her Fine Art degree in the UK. She is also the author of 'Traditional Chinese Painting - Masterpieces of Art' and 'How to Paint - Made Easy'. Interested in the city and its culture, her work explores and brings to light these aspects in a contemporary and engaging approach. She works in a wide range of both traditional and digital media and combines various elements in her works. From watercolour painting to sketching, her work traverses across to different types of media such as installation, new media art, sculpture, video, and interactive art. Shermaine's work has been shown in over 40 exhibitions worldwide in different locations such as London, South Korea, Moscow, Portugal, Beijing, and Athens. She has also received awards from international art competitions and has taken part in overseas artist programmes and workshops.

Competition(s) Participated

  • International Children Painting Competition 2012/13
  • International Children Painting Competition 2013/14