Mui Ngo Seut Charlotte

Education Background

The University of Hong Kong

A post-90's baby born and bred in Hong Kong, Charlotte Mui (梅傲雪) continuously experiments with different styles, techniques, and motifs in her work, whether they be painting, illustration, writing, or even simple animation. Her work often explores themes of boundaries, relationships, identity, mythologies, history, and culture — though of course she has a fair amount of fan-art (pop culture!) included in her doodles. Charlotte likes to pretend that her work is an archive of her internal journey to find herself, as well as a medium to bring small doses of joy for others. Whether or not she succeeds, we’ll have to see.

Charlotte graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2018, having studied in English studies and Fine Arts. She is currently working full-time at the Asia Art Archive ( 亞洲藝術文獻庫 ).